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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  September 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ri c1 "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news investigators continue to piece
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together why a woman with two small children in her car gethoving into the path of on coming trolley in center city. >> and hugh hefner is dead at able 91. >> and the latest push to get help to hurricane ravaged puerto rico. president trump lifted the jones act a century old law that requires all goods to be shipped on u.s. owned shryt peadple on the island are struggling for the most basic needs and strugpoe for power and water and dhysel fuel and gas is scarce and money is in sport supply. >> san juan's mayor says there is quote, noteal nilation. >> we are live at the philadelphia international airport d afere another fli oftr san juan left this morning. >> reporter: that is r& dht that fl& dlef left t ts morning,
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several others were canceled because of flight conditions but peadgoe heading there are famil members going to help their loved ones themselves after help for them starts to sickle in. >> the reunion was bitter sweet and dozens of puerto ricans landed here wednesday n& dlef ol o of harms wapb >> i cried like seven times i'm sorry. >> they leave behind thenil es that are experience a humanitarian crisis of uni pigie,ble proportiont no food or water after maria swept over the land last week. they mustered up what little energy they have to share a message. >> it is very bad. the whole ito band is destroyed. there are no services of any kind. people are having a hard time. >> water is getting scarce and
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worse by the day. >> "action news" reporter dann cuellar took the fnilst morning thi& dlef to san juan puerto rico to report on the devastation there on the plane with hlan wee dves ens of passengers on the w to the ravages island to check on thenil loved ones. what many in puerto riwo are hoping for the is arrival of much needed relhyf and needed tead bninore it is too late. >> i hope that more aid comes and help for us because we nagd lyuel. the hos pichines, nagd people are dying. we have to help. >> irortd afe fl: and thousan i pees ts hour are still waiting to leave the airport. many fli ofts are cany.led and wiy that terlinay leaving out puerto rico, this as resources start to sicgoie in bl o getting them ol o there is a stical
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nightmare. >> thank you. "action news" contiurpes wo mmitted to r >orting on the relief efforts. chad pradelli traveled to texas during hurricane harvey showing how first responders helped in the search and rescue and brian tathis was in naples riding ol hurricane irma and now dann cuellar is traveling to puerto rico as the call for help es dan's reports will be later her tus tng to weather a nice day a welcome relief from the heat we have for the past few okayt e have for the past few sky 6 hd loomessng live from th temple university camera at the es slarc as hot. karen rogers has the first check of the forecast. >>l oftand as so looking lre ue at beach in cape may we see the rousurf, we dh risk of rry cuchaen p bece but people aree rust sitting by
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the es and if you head out for a bit taking the dog for a walk. the t tng you narcice abol o the temperatures they are hardly budging and we started in the low 70s and in the hei oft of te aorolernoon staying in the 70s are above average and not the heat of the past few wi. yesterday a h& dh of 89 and today just a 79 degrees as you head out and a good one for yots thelinew pointslinroy oed a cold front dropped through and we were wat we saw the wo oler anil filtering in and t drier air from west to east. a 52linegree reading nrug in reading,a h0lin of 7reelinew po philadelphia. yesterday was 70 and welin of 7 and 66 in dover, and that drops as the cold front pulee ol o of here that mea si it's nice and comfortable. any time you have dew points elvr belrugpri0 dewalags, there hau ly any humidity out there,
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feeling comfortable and staying there for the next few wi if. the other issue is the wind gusts, it feels nice with a breeze from the nortof t hour gs p in alle allentown and 26 in trenton and 25 in millville and the win is 6 ist teiou of the wipb and winds of change because we have temperature changes coming tomorrow. oketteaee in the sricanenlinay few minutes. >> thank you. you can find the latest forecast infor pition including real time views from stormtrackerpri lre ue elvuble , yllenisiting or downloading the free 6 abc app for your mobile deviy.. all r& dlef turning to other news a coatesville man was killed in a single car crash in chester wo unty last n& dlef hay oening at 11:00 on the rout 30 bypass. investigators say that e 3-enear-o in kormth allen wa gethre uing in the on coming la and collided head-on with a sactor stealer. allen was ejected andlinhyd a short time later.
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the investigation contiurpes ino a trolley accident thatbcill aid woman in northern liberties yesterday. the woman was baby sitting t in young c t in ren in the car with her at the time of the crash. the accident hay oened at 4da0 p.m. on west gnilard illenue. the children were rushed to local hospitals with minor injurhys, inglesti a wtors say t sleither child was buckled in ad now they are trying to f& dure awl o wa and ended up in the path of the trolley. nrug to alinricaneles trolley. nrug to alinricaneles souse majority d afry, steve scalise returned to the house floor for the fnilst tlane siny ra thisering a gunsharc wound. plausz applause . >> that was the scene just an hour >>o. scalise was greeted by a bipartisan standing ovation and cheers in the chambey.. the louisiae, conwalessman was sharc along with three others during a practice for a charity 00se00ll ricanenday at t wasbcilled in a gun fire exchange with police.
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scalise took a bullet to the hry and suf-yred s& dnithe the incident he has recormved a out pourle of love and ra y oor >> you have no idea how great this feels to be back here at inrk in the peadgoe's housto l at the capital while continuing awl oigtient rehabilita. inuing president trump unveils his tax plan, now the real work es wo ngre piy for the pres the president called the plan a middle cla piy mnilacle and cal on r > 2lica get it passed.ats to he says it wonlino much for the weave aa estate tax and slashing the tax on corporations from 35% to 20%
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and reducing the numes brackets. for the middle class it doubles the stand deordction that mea si no ipplome t, and if it's too mtinuh to bite awthis. t's too mtinuh to bite >> t, if welino it the r& dlef wapb >> the plan cou in ced rt moren 2 trillion dollars over the next decade aestording to a prellaninary esti pite. secretary of the interior visited some of philadelphia's b secretary of the interior visited some of philadelphia's b se took a tour of town hall and at at liberty bell. later today he tours tollenalle o tou bnield sites. he is responsible for the management and wo nglentionvati for med rt federal lands, natur resources and parks.
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some local spuedents are the in the democratic pre nest spuedents at the lin ine fi aca charter school made their argument to fellow students why to be the next president and archer ofthe real varcing mac tnes to cast thormr ballo p for thenil spuedent leaders. >> "action news" is shining the rparcli oft on all the ped ritr storhys that make us philly proud see more moments on our website at hen still to come on alaction news" at noon, police in new york rricaneal what may hille b es tnd the marcre ue behind a deadly stabbing inside of a school. whatlinrove a young man to mess >> and a brand new report shows that a popular saw sales chain piy es >> and meteorologist, karen rogers, returns with the seven-day forecast when "action slews" comes r&ast when "action
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dlef bac no
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hugh hefner playboy, businessman and icon has died at age 91. he passed away of natural causes at the playboy mansion. a larger than life individual. he was once asked how he would
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like to be remembered. >> someone who played some positive part in changing the social sexual values at its time and had a good time doing it. >> hefner found a playboy magazine with a bank loan and checks from investors including his mother. he is survived by his third wife, crystal and four adult children. authorities in florida wrapped up a news conference in the so-called killer clown case. maureen warren was killed if years ago and now keen icted for the crime. she worked for the victim's husband and later mre them. she opened the door to find a clown carrying balloons and flowers and pulled out say gun and shot her in the face. >> the case was reopen in 2014 and new dna testing was done. >> the defendant in this case miss sheila keen warren has been
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indicted for first degree murder with a firearm. case is l prison andpotentially >> detectives did not say if they believe michael warren was involved in his former wife's death. there is increased security today at a school in the bronx ter ay stabbing there yesterday. he is charged with stabbing and killing a fellow student in a classroom and then attempting to kill another. he was apparently the victim of relentless taunting and bullyin is 16 and in critical condition and the schl is bringing in metal detectors and random weapons checks from now on. more than 120,000 people have fleed the area around a val cane oh in bali. is erupted in 1963 killing 1100
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people and now they are told to stay out of a 7 mile zone and people farther away are leaving as well. it's spewing steam. and normal volcano is spewing ash causing worry for residents there. they fine that th auto chain car max iscars with deadly airbags linked to malfunctions. they found that more than one in fr vehicles had recalled equipment and believe it or not. the u.s. economy grew at an upgraded r3.1% in april, may and june. according to the
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deparongestsince 2015. and they areecting growth to slow sharply because of the string of devastating hurricanes. and still ahead on "action news" at noon, loneliness could enter isll teakoue katz t o jewish center where feeding the body and soul are one and the same. we'll be right back. eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured insurance company. like any of these types of plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call unitedhealthcare insurance company today to request a free decision guide.
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they say there is no such thing as a free lunch but meals are available to those 60 and older at the senior senters in the area and tamala edwards tells us aboutomething extra served at the katz c i cherryhi >> malnutrion is a serious problem for older alts and so islonelinesslunch is vital for is the community it creates. ♪ >> we are more than just a meal all about socialization and coming here and many of them consider is their second home and eating with their if you family. talking and finding connections. >> and they prepare healthy meals daily and a t an occasion. >> brisket. people like that. >> seniors come for the lunch and say for the fitness classes and programs for all ages and
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>> this is a community center and aging knows nodifference or whatever. >> full of people that love being here. we are a big family. >> this is a great place. >> and i'm very haphere. they love me and kindly. >> they me and me. >> as the brisket feeds the body fellowship feeds the soul something ds well. >> the most important thing is to do something that matters to you. it keeps you young. >> the best way to know what we are all about come to the meal program and meet people and find things that are common ground. >> nice story. the "action news" news story is out working on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00. lets check in with alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. >> reporter: you ever wonder how people as you look perfect on
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social media. today in big talkers we'll show you how one instagram model is helping you get the best picture and look your best pose by pose. you won't want to miss this one. >> and also coming up in today's show from cd's to books and computers and curling irons, if you have old stuff piling up around the house you are not alone. we are helping you to declutter today we'll rundown clever ideas to get rid of just about anything. >> and people love casual fridays but not one mississippi waitress, she is suing her employer for trying to make her wear jeans. >> we'll sigh then guys. >> thanks alicia.
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meteorologist, karen rogers,
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here now and we are talking about temperatures more autumnal and starting to see that. >> we are. today we stay in the 70s. very good rick. >> is that from the calendar. one of my favorite immediate logical phrases. >> the only one -- autumnal. lets take a look at storm tracker we are are dry across the region just a chance for a shower on saturday and the rest of the seven day staying pretty dry. lets go on outside and see what this autumnal day looks like, live on sky 6 hd nothing but sunshine there and talon energy stadium and the commodore barry bridge as we are live in chester and looking good out there. you can kind of see the wind flapping around in the parking lot and the flags out there. a gusty breeze. the current temperatures 75 degrees, and the dew point dropped way down to 50 and the dew point 70 and muggy out there. we watched progressively how it dropped and feeling better now. the winds gusty sustained at 18
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miles per hour and gusts are higher and the ocean temperature is 74. look at these wind gusts, these are numbers coming in and a 31 miles per hour wind gust in atlantic city. and a cool breeze out of the north a 26 mile wind gust in allentown and trenton and 25 in millville. and 28 in cape may. satellite in cape may and clouds out to the west and nothing but sunshine in our current area. and staying nice and dry today. 79 degrees for your high temperature, that is a good 10 degrees below yesterday's temperature and it feels cooler than that. 77 in reading and 76 in allentown and 79 for your high in millville. and 78 on the boardwalk in atlantic city. mostly sunny skies. it's a nice one, 2:00, 77 and at 4:00 dipping down to 76 and 6:00, 76 above your average high, at 8:00, 67 degrees.
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tomorrow's high 72 feeling close toward average what we see around this time of year and then a reenforcing cold front that moves through friday night into saturday and with that we could see a couple of spotty showers on saturday. we want to talk about the tropics it's nice that we don't have any horrible tropic news lately, this is tropical storm maria off the coastline, that continues to push off to sea, haven't talked about hurricane lee but at last check it's a category two hurricane. the reason is it's not affected land and completely moving out to sea. but a cluster of thunderstorms forming here near cuba, a 20% chance of tropical formation in the next couple of days and bring heavy rain to cuba and florida as well. we'll be watch that one. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it is bright and it is breezy today. 79 degrees for your high and normally we sigh high of just 73 and still above arrange and a
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tomorrow. tomorrow morning's bus stop could be 20 degrees colder than this morning. grab a sweater for tomorrow. 72 is your high. and saturday a morning shower or two. and a fair amount of clouds, only 69 for your high and sunday we welcome october and sunshine and 71 and we start the new trend that is try and become more above average and mostly sunny and 74 and tuesday staying nice and dry and 76. and thursday turning warmer and 79 for your high temperature. >> thank youkaren.f hour of "ac news" when we come back.
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go to the much needed supplies keep pouring into puerto rico but can't get to the people sufferinger in the wake of hurricane maria. >> and a scary moment on a septa train when passengers evacuated on their own and hugh hefner died a century after founding playboy magazine. and the crisis continues in puerto rico. the u.s. territory is almost entirely without power and they are short on drinking water and fuel. after pressure to do more to


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